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The METRIN skincare programme has been designed as a complete skincare set. Each of the products works synergistically to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. When used together the five products produce beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Here are some common skincare problems and advice from our skin care experts...

Is it harmful to squeeze my blemishes?

Yes. In general, acne lesions should not be picked or squeezed In particular, inflammatory acne lesions should never be squeezed. Squeezing forces infected material deeper into the skin, causing additional inflammation and possible scarring.The deep cleansing effect of the Metrin skin care routine will assist in the improvement of the skin’s condition and particularly by exfoliating the dead skin cells which can be cause of the blocked pores often the first stage of an acne lesion. The conditioners and protective lotion ensure that the new skin cells are soft and smooth and help prevent acne scarring.

What causes puffy eyes and can anything be done to make them look better?

Puffy eyes can be a real problem. They are generally worse in the morning and can be aggravated by sinus/allergy trouble. Fluids become trapped in the delicate eye tissues and swell. The application of a few drops of Metrin’s protective lotion will greatly assist in this condition. The lotion is cooling and soothing but not at all drying to the delicate under eye tissue. The skin will start to feel more comfortable and firmer and whilst most Metrin users complete the routine twice a day a few drops of protective lotion can be applied in between times to relieve the puffiness.

What causes my acne to flare up?

The sebaceous glands in the skin produce oil and where this is in excess pores can become clogged and dead skin cells which aren’t removed from the surface of the skin regularly will also compound the problem and a perfect breeding ground is formed for irritating acne bacteria. Metrins skin care regime will help enormously by ensuring that the dead skin cells are removed regularly and as skin starts to function more normally the appearance improves and the complexion will feel so much more comfortable.

I have started to notice brown “age spots” on my hands and chest, can Metrin help?

Using a skincare program that effectively exfoliates the skin will also help increase the turnover of older skin cells, encouraging your skin to produce brand new, healthy cells to replace them. This can help smaller spots to disappear, and larger spots to fade dramatically. The increased exfoliation provided by the Metrin lathering cleanser will not only assist in this process but the skin will feel much softer and smoother

How can I get a healthy glow to my complexion? It looks dull and lifeless after too much sun.

You will find that using Metrin’s lathering cleanser as directed as part of a complete and effective skin care regime will exfoliate the dead skin cells that cause the skin to look dull and lifeless and encourage a healthy youthful glow within just a few days of use.

I want a skin care regime that's quick and easy to use, I work full time,travel a lot and use a gym straight after work some days.

Metrin’s 5 step skin care regime is perfect for busy people. The products work synergistically to normalise and balance the skin so regardless of your skin type or age you use the same products so there is no need to keep changing products for different parts of the complexion or for different times of the day. The simple packaging is perfect for travel and use at a gym or spa. Many people taking the first two products in to the shower with them as they are used with water and there is no chance of broken glass bottles. Once Metrin customers get used to the routine it takes just a few minutes a day for all 5 steps to get results that can last a lifetime.

My teenage son occasionally uses my Metrin skin care products and we have noticed the spots he was getting are becoming fewer and less severe. He is starting to need to shave and I am concerned that his skin will start to break out again.

Your son can start to shave using the Metrin method. Many male clients say the Metrin shave is the cleanest and closest shave they have experienced and the gentle products minimise disruption to the male complexion and help to avoid the occurrence of ingrowing hairs which are often the cause of shaving rash and shaving spots. Discourage him from applying after shave lotions (which are often high in alcohol content and can sting and irritate the skin)and if he wants to use a fragrance he can use an eau de toilette spray.The Metrin protective lotion will be very soothing when applied after shaving.