Each of the Metrin products works synergistically to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

The METRIN skincare programme has been designed as a complete skincare set. When used together the five products produce beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Each product in the five-step programme is self-acting and should not be rubbed or massaged into the skin, they should all be applied using a very light, gentle touch.

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How each product works

Deep Cleanser Metrin Skincare

Step 1 - Deep Cleanser

Deep Cleanser cleans away airborne impurities, atmospheric soil and make-up while gently nourishing and moisturising your skin.

Particles of oil are much smaller than particles of soil and other environmental impurities so, when applied to the skin, Deep Cleanser quickly flows around all particles of soil and impurities for easy removal. This is called colloidal flotation and helps to gently remove atmospheric soil, blackheads and make-up without any irritating or harmful rubbing and scrubbing.

Lathering Cleanser Metrin Skincare

Step 2 - Lathering Cleanser

Lathering Cleanser helps the skin gently remove dead skin cells and replace its surface layer faster, giving your face a fresh, clean and radiant glow.

The bubbles formed by this product work to cleanse deep into your pores, removing bacteria and dead skin cells from your skin and leaving you with a clean, fresh feeling. Bacteria is responsible for many unsightly problems on your skin but this cleanser helps to remove it and holds any remaining bacteria inactive for up to 12 hours.

Vita Conditioner Metrin Skincare

Step 3 - Vita Conditioner

Vita Conditioner nourishes your skin and ensures that it only uses what it needs, allowing any excess conditioner to continue to moisturise the skin's surface long after it has been applied.

Ingredients including rich antioxidants, essential fatty acids, sunflower seed oil and natural vitamins, including A, C, E and B Complex help protect the skin from the elements and help you to enjoy a soft, healthy complexion.

Protective Lotion Metrin Skincare

Step 4 - Protective Lotion

Protective Lotion firms and tones your skin and protects against bacterial infections, keeping it clear and free of blemishes.

Rich in Aloe Vera, this lotion helps to bind moisture to the skin, ensuring it feels fresh and clean, and also provides a barrier against germs, keeping bacteria off the skin for hours.

Enriched Vita Metrin Skincare

Step 5 - Enriched Vita Conditioner

Enriched Vita Conditioner neutralises the effects of stress and ageing on your skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

This Vitamin B enriched conditioner contains rich antioxidants, essential fatty acids, sunflower seed oil and natural vitamins to help neutralise free radicals, which contribute to stress and premature ageing of the skin.