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How can METRIN work on both oily and dry skin types? 
METRIN's special ingredients and formulation have a normalising effect on the skin's pH. This enables the skin to use what it needs and allows what is left over to continue to moisturise the dead and dying cells on the skin's surface. 

How do METRIN skincare products differ from other skincare products? 
METRIN is a synergistic skincare programme designed to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin. It has superior exfoliating properties and the natural vitamins contained in the formulation nourish and accommodate all types of skin. 

Is METRIN tested on animals? 
No, METRIN is not tested on animals. 

Why are there so many steps? 
Each step in METRIN's skincare programme plays a vital part in preparing the skin for the next step. To ensure your skin is cleansed, nourished and protected you must use all five steps or you will not achieve the full effects of the programme. While five bottles may seem like a lot of work, once you've used the programme you'll see that it only takes two minutes, twice daily. 

Will METRIN work if I use it just once daily instead of twice? 
Once daily use of METRIN's skincare programme equates to just 30-40% of the benefits you will derive from twice daily use so, if you want your skin to look at its very best, we strongly recommend that you use METRIN twice daily. 

How many applications are there in the skincare products? 
When used as directed, METRIN skincare products last for 4-6 months. 

I am a first time user of METRIN and my face feels itchy after washing. Can you tell me why? 
Your skin is going through an adjustment period. To help avoid itchiness, ensure you thoroughly rinse away the METRIN cleansers as they are not meant to be left on the skin. Also, avoid aggressive application of the product and/or aggressive use of the washcloth. Make sure you do not rub the product into your skin and use the washcloth gently - use a feather-like touch. METRIN's cleansing process promotes a new, healthy environment for your skin. Any itchiness should disappear once your skin acclimatises to this new environment. 

I have just started using METRIN and have been getting pimples. Can you tell me why?
METRIN works to accelerate the skin's exfoliation process and draws the skin's impurities to the surface. Therefore, a few first time users may experience pimples, depending on their skin condition. As you continue to use METRIN, your skin condition will improve and will develop a healthy glow. 

Why is it necessary to use a washcloth? Why can't I just use my hands to splash my face clean? 
Using a washcloth helps you effectively remove the cleansers and, more importantly, it encourages the skin's exfoliation process because you are actually wiping away dead skin cells. It would be difficult to achieve the same effect by only using your hands to splash your face with water. 

Is the METRIN skincare programme suitable for all skin types? Is it possible for anybody to be allergic to METRIN products? 
There are no products that are completely hypoallergenic. However, METRIN's skincare products are formulated and designed to be suitable for all skin types and a complete skincare programme that cleanses, nourishes and protects your skin. Clean and well-maintained skin tends to be healthier and, as such, tends to be less reactive. 

You recommend that METRIN should be used twice daily. I need to wash my face after sports during the day and I was wondering if it would be ok to use it more than twice a day? 
METRIN is mild enough to be used more frequently than the recommended twice daily, particularly if heavy perspiration after exercise causes your skin to break out in pimples. 

METRIN has been around for over 70 years, but the ozone layer has changed since then. How do METRIN products address the sun's increasingly harmful effects on the skin and can it help already sun-damaged skin? 
The matrix formed in METRIN's emulsion give it natural sun protective characteristics. The Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil also aid in sun protection. Both Vitamin E and A help repair sun damaged skin as well as prevent the damage from happening. 

I noticed that two of the five steps are conditioners - Vita Conditioner and Enriched Vita Conditioner - wouldn't one conditioner by enough? 
METRIN's Vita Conditioner prepares the skin to accept METRIN's Enriched Vita Conditioner. 

Can METRIN help remove the uneven pigmentation on my face and, if so, how? 
Yes, METRIN can help eliminate uneven pigmentation because it accelerates the exfoliation of the damaged skin cells that cause this discolouration. As you continue to use METRIN, the uneven pigmentation should either disappear or, at the very least, diminish. To speed the exfoliation process even further, you could try an additional treatment programme using METRIN's Accelerated Performance System. The Glycolic Acid in this product enhances the rate of exfoliation and could give you more noticeable results. 

I noticed the instructions on METRIN's Deep Cleanser and Lathering Cleanser indicate that these product must be removed immediately. Are these products harmful if not removed right away? Should I be concerned? 
These ingredients are not harmful but could cause some adverse effects like itching or redness if left on the skin for a period of time. You would experience similar effects if you used soap and did not rinse it off your skin. 

I am concerned about protecting the delicate skin around my eyes. Why doesn't METRIN offer an eye cream? 
An eye cream is not necessary. METRIN's Vita and Enriched Vita Conditioners can be applied all over the face and work very well around the eye area. 

Your shampoo and conditioner claim to work on all hair types and that they are even safe for chemically treated hair. How can this be possible? 
The shampoo's pH range is 4.5 - 6.5, which is safe for all hair types. This pH range works exceptionally well on chemically treated hair. 

What is the difference between using the Professional Shampoo and Professional Conditioner over using the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner? Is there any benefit to using one over the other? 
Either way, you will get a superior cleansing and conditioning. The main benefit to using the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner is simply convenience. A very handy product for use when going to the gym, travelling etc. 

How does METRIN's Bath & Shower Gel help circulation? 
By simply massaging onto the skin, the ingredients help to cleanse the pores, remove dead skin cells and stimulate the surface tissues. 


"Enjoying a very busy lifestyle I find using METRIN keeps my skin in good order. Over the years (about 20) I have had the pleasure of using products that are not only simple to use but also kind on the pocket. When my daughter met her future husband five years ago, he suffered from severe eczema, but after using METRIN products, following some encouragement from Carolyn, his eczema was no longer and I understand his skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. He now uses METRIN for general skincare and wouldn't be without it."

Rosemarie Ensor - Leeds

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