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The story of METRIN began with the personal skincare concerns of one man. As a sufferer of dry skin, an American pharmacist became determined to uncover the secret of having healthy, beautiful skin and to formulate a line of products that would make such skin a reality for people of all ages.

In order to achieve his goal he enlisted the help of top biochemists, pharmacists and skin specialists and, after fifteen years of dedicated effort, the team were successful in discovering the secret of the skin's metabolism. This led to the creation, in 1932, of the revolutionary synergistic skincare programme that is METRIN.

Formulated to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin, METRIN uses the finest herbal and botanical extracts and stimulates a natural response from deep within your skin to produce the healthy, translucent complexion that nature intended you to have.

Over 70 years on, METRIN continues to deliver amazing results to millions of customers worldwide and, despite many imitations, it still proves to be the most effective skincare product on the market today.

Macil Sumpter became a dedicated user of METRIN in 1932 after informally testing the products for the biochemist responsible for their creation. So impressed was Macil, in 1977 she bought the company from its creator and turned it into the worldwide empire that it is today.

In the years that followed, Macil Sumpter was METRIN's best advertisement, appearing in photos aged 'well over 70' but with the complexion of a 40-year old. She was living proof that the products could in fact give you healthy, younger-looking skin.


METRIN is brought to the European market by the mother and daughter team of Christine Yorath and TV presenter Gabby Logan.

Christine Yorath

Christine first discovered METRIN whilst living in Canada in the late 1970's, when she was desperately trying every skincare product on the market to improve the adult acne she had developed. After three-months of using METRIN's skincare programme, Christine, a qualified Beauty Therapist, was delighted when not only did her acne disappear, but her complexion became so healthy and glowing that she no longer felt the need to wear make-up.

"I couldn't believe it when I suddenly developed problem skin as a mother in my 30's and was so happy to find a product that got rid of it. Even before the acne I used to be one of those women who would not be seen at the school gates without my face on but since I started using METRIN I've felt no need to wear foundation at all."

Before returning to the UK, where Christine knew it would be very difficult to get hold of the products, she set up a meeting with the head of METRIN and returned home to West Yorkshire as their European selling agent. "I was motivated to get involved in the distribution of METRIN both by my own need to get hold of the products in the UK and also to give others an opportunity to experience such amazing results."

Since then the business has grown mainly through word-of-mouth and there are now many devoted METRIN customers throughout Europe.

Gabby Logan

As the UK's most successful female TV Sports Presenter, Gabby is under constant pressure to look good and it is essential that she maintains a clear and glowing complexion for her appearances in front of the camera.

Best known as the presenter of ITV's On The Ball and ITV's European football coverage she is now signed to front a range of shows for BBC Sport. Gabby has been using METRIN products since a very young age and she swears by them to keep her skin looking young and healthy, "I love the way my skin feels after using METRIN, it doesn't leave it feeling oily or greasy as some products do. It leaves skin moisturised to the point that it feels healthy and vital and is the most complete skincare range I have ever come across".

Gabby's enthusiasm for METRIN products is also shared by her husband, Glasgow Warriors and ex-Scottish International Rugby Player, Kenny Logan, "He has no problem taking METRIN products into the changing room, he loves them even more than I do!".

"I've used METRIN for 12 years following a recommendation from a friend. Despite trying many other treatments, I've never found anything quite as good as METRIN."

Hillary Robinson - South Milford

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